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Another Study Puts “Food vs Fuel” into Much-Needed Perspective

Another interesting report out last week on biofuels. This one is entitled, “Biofuels play minor role in local food prices,” and was produced by Ecofys, a Dutch consulting firm that does work regularly for the European Commission and sometimes for NGOs and the biofuels industry.

The key takeaway from the Ecofys report (found here:

“The historic impact of EU biofuels demand until 2010 increased world grain prices by about 1-2% and, without any cap on  crop-based biofuel production may lead to another 1% increase through 2020.”

Additionally: “Systemic factors, like reduced reserves, food waste, speculation, transportation issues, storage costs and problems, and hoarding play a much larger role in local food prices” than biofuels, Ecofys concluded.

Does these conclusions sound familiar? They should. Here’s a list of other studies from other reputable institutions — including the European Commission, the European Union’s executive — that have reached similar conclusions like what Ecofys has just churned out:

·  World Bank (Baffes and Dennis), 2013, “Long-term drivers of food prices”

·  The European Commission report on the implementation of the EU Renewable Energy Directive (see p.12)

·  The Institute for International Trade Negotiations (ICONE) in Brazil

Géraldine Kutas