The Portuguese first planted sugarcane in Brazil during the 1530s. Ever since, sugar has been an integral part of Brazil’s social, political and economic history. Brazil is now the world’s leading sugar producer and exporter, accounting for approximately 20% of global production and more than 40% of world exports.

Sugar Types

This type of sugar passes through a slight process of treatment that keeps mineral salts and others nutrients in the crystal.

Demerara Sugar

Refined sugar 45 Icumsa color is a type of sugar that has been submited to a process to remove non sucrose substances, leaving it very white and flavorful.

Refined Sugar color
Icumsa 45

This sugar is presented in the form of white and uniform crystals and high polarization, making it highly popular with the food industry.

White Crystal Sugar
150 IU

This type of sugar is produced from sugarcane cultivated following organic best practices.

Organic Sugar

The most exported type of sugar by Brazil, can be used as a basic raw material for refining and various other industrial processes.

Very High Polarization

This sugar type benefits from slightly higher polarization (99.6 ° Z) than VHP. Thanks to its color and natural flavor, this sugar is prefered by industries for its specific uses, as well as exported for refining.

Very Very High
Polarization (VVHP)

Sugar has been produced since ancient times and is the world’s most popular sweetener. Approximately 100 countries located across the tropics grow sugarcane, one of the most efficient and sustainable feedstocks to produce sugar.



Did you know sugar is a type of carbohydrate and it provides energy?


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